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Image of a woman with outstretched arms surrounded by lush, green foliage and covered in hundreds of multi-colored butterflies.  There is a golden orb behind her head and a warm orange glow to the sky.
Close up image of chihuahua on beach with shore line and ball in the background.  Image highlights the dog's big eyes and soulful expression
Image of buff colored Cockapoo running through the breaking surf on the beach.  He has a white chest and white paws.  The wind is blowing his ears back away from his face, and he seems joyful and exuberant.
Image of sunrise with the sun breaking through a crack in the clouds and light streaming down to touch the dunes in the foreground.

Inspired imagery celebrating the full spectrum of life


Images carry powerful medicine.  They can encourage us, stir us, and move us to deeper

levels of experience beyond our thinking or knowingThis is the place of possibility from

which I offer my work.  Whether in the form of a custom pet portrait that captures the unique expression of your beloved animal companion... 

Or in my original line of greeting cards that

reflect both the grit and the grace of everyday

life... I hope there is something here that

touches your heart & uplifts your sense

of what is possible in the world.

--Jessica Schaffer, Founder of The Chrysalis Imagery

Image of tree stump in grays showing both the cracks in the tree rings as well as the way the tree continued to grow around the cracks.  Out of the cracks emerge six colorful monarch butterflies in various postures of flight.
Image of a red-tri Australian Shepherd.  She has a split face, one side white, the other copper.  Her body is copper and her chest and legs are white.  Her mouth is open and her tongue is slightly out as if she is panting.  She is on the beach and looking up at the viewer.

Pet Portraits . . .

It's all about love !

Anyone who is a parent to a pet can vouch for the fact that

we will go to great lengths to care for our beloved animal companions.  What better way to express our love and

devotion than to commission a custom portrait that

honors the uniqueness of their personalities!

Clients consistently marvel at the sense of vitality and aliveness that emanate from my animal portraits.  

For more information on how to commission a portrait,

please check out the link below


Animal portraits also make beautiful memorial gifts

for those who have lost their special friend.

Greeting Cards

It's all about love!

Greeting Cards . . .

Cards that speak authentically about the grace & grit of everyday life !

Have you ever wanted a greeting card that touched on 

the challenges of everyday life in a straightforward and compassionate way?  If so, you'll love my original line of cards designed to honor the full spectrum of what life throws at us.  There is something here for every one of us: 

from recognizing the complexity of loss & grief , to celebrating the courage of stretching into personal

growth, to simple sentiments of love & appreciation.

Printed on subtly textured cotton paper, these cards feel as beautiful as they look.  Singles and gift sets available.  For more information, please visit my Shop at the link below!

Image of a spread of high quality greeting cards spread out in a fan on a natural wood surface.

About Jessica . . .

Every good story has an element of magic and the unexpected within it. 

•  •  •  •

In my case, the element of surprise came when I learned late in life that contrary to my life-long belief that I was not "artistic" and that I could not draw, I discovered that in fact, I could draw!  And that this expression would be both a path of joy for me and a gift to others.

•  •  •  •

If you want to learn a little about how I came to be here, please read more about the backstory.  I promise it won't disappoint!

Image of a woman sitting with two Cockapoo dogs in her lap.  Her arms are around the two dogs and she is smiling broadly while looking down at both of them in her lap.
Image of middle aged woman with short, brown hair and green eyes.  She is wearing eyeglasses and smiles broadly and directly at the camera with her head titled slightly to the right.  She is wearing a lichen colored sweater.

Photos by Julie Resnick

What people have to say about Jessica's portraits. . .
Image of a Monarch butterfly flying with wings outstretched.
Image of a Monarch butterfly seen from above with wings outstretched.
Curious about the chrysalis symbol ?

It's more than a name 

Image of a Monarch butterfly hanging from a cocoon with wings open.

I'd love to hear from you!

Please say hello!

Thanks for submitting!

Image of woman floating on her back in deep water.  moonlight is shining down on her and through the depths of the water where a humpback whale is drifting vertically just below her body.
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