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Real messages for real people going through real things

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Feeling at a loss for words or confused about how to show up for a friend or family member who is struggling?  See our helpful tips below for suggestions on how to write an encouragement card.

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About My Messaging. . .

Validation Matters!

All of my imagery & messaging aims to shed a gentle light on the complexity of being human.  I believe that naming the truth of our lived experiences is big medicine.  It can help us

feel seen, validated & less alone.  And that experience can change everything.

Authenticity Matters!

Representation Matters!

It's so important for us to see ourselves represented in the world around us.  I am intentional when creating images to reflect a range of experiences, including identities that we don't often see represented in dominant culture.  My hope is that people will see a little

of themselves in everything I create.   

My messages offer up candid reflections about the good, the bad & especially the crunchy moments in life, always with a note

of hope & possibility reflecting the innate resilience that lives within each of us.  


How to write an
encouragement message. . .

If you're here, you likely already know how important messages of support & solidarity can be when a loved one is going through a rough time.  And like most of us, you might also be at a loss for words when figuring out how to best show up with a message of encouragement.

So here are some thoughts to keep in mind & three simple steps you can take when you're creating your messages of support:

  • Be willing to name the thing!  When we're struggling, what most supports us is to know that we are not alone in an experience.  Witnessing or being able to acknowledge the challenge goes a long way in offering solidarity!

Examples of what you might say:   

"I  can see that this is a (challenging/rough/hard) time."

"I don't know all of what you're experiencing, but I can tell that you are (working hard/being stretched/digging deep) right now."

"This is hard.  And I see you."


  • Offer your support either through an expression of love & empathy, or as a tangible resource of help.  Make sure that what you offer is something you will actually be able to show up with!

Examples of what you might say:

"I  am holding you in my (heart/thoughts/arms) during this time."

"I 'm here to support you in any way I can."

"I'm with you in this.  I will (cook for you/sit with you in the discomfort/come keep you company and bring the perfect snacks)." 


  • Validate whatever the person's experience might look like.  We all move through adversity differently, and there is no right or wrong way.

Examples of what you might say:

"I  am here with you in it, no matter how long it takes or what that journey looks like."

"I hope you can give yourself space to feel whatever you need to during this time."

"You get to decide what will best support you right now.  And whatever you need, I will honor it."


These three elements will go a long way in offering meaningful support to those you love.  And that simple, heartfelt encouragement can often be a lifeline for folks who are struggling.

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