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Image of two dogs laying together on an outdoor porch.  One dog is a white Labrador who has his head resting on a black Labrador.  In the background is a camping van.


Pet Portraits

Immortalize your best friend on canvas, pillows, greeting cards and more

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What People are Saying

Jessica is extraordinarily skilled in capturing the essence of our 4 legged friends. The portrait she lovingly created of our black lab, Tweed, means even more now that she has passed. Jessica’s images are joyful and poignant, and I am so grateful to own one.

Julie Resnick

After seeing some of Jessica’s work, I knew right away I wanted in! She took great care in the details and came to me for any ideas or changes I might want done. I’m so happy with my finished picture and now have a pillow with my little Frenchie on it to cherish always!

Vicki P.

Jessica created a beautiful portrait of our dog, Dino, capturing not only his likeness but also his unique personality. We are very happy with the product—the image reproduced onto a high quality throw pillow—as well as the process by which it came about. Jessica communicated with us throughout the drafting and production stages and was very responsive to all our feedback.

Andy Barker and Fred Kassab

Jessica has created two pet portraits for our family. She has the ability to deeply tune into the photo/s she receives and as a result, captures the spirit of the pets she is depicting. Anyone that knows our pets, and has seen their portraits by Jessica, has been struck by both the likeness of the image and the ability to capture their essence and personality. Much like our love and gratitude for our furry family members, we are so grateful to Jessica for these images. We would highly recommend anyone looking for a pet portrait for themselves or family/friends to get one from Jessica!

Amanda Zucker

With such a subtle touch, Jessica brought out the richness of our goats coloring while allowing their expressions to be happily- pure goat. George and Mimi think you captured their joy perfectly! We do too.

J. Comerford and J. Campf

How could I ask for a better portrait of Declan? He’s smiling and running with the wind, just as I imagined, and looks alive and happy! Jessica's talent is amazing, and the speed of completion was totally unexpected. Thank you, Jessica, for your heart and talent and creativity!! What a pleasure to work with you!!

Sandy Wood

We wanted to share our gratitude for some dear friends who have been so supportive during these pandemic years. Finding the perfect gift to thank them was a little challenging until we learned about Jessica's beautiful talent of drawing portraits of pet companions. This was perfect as our dear friends absolutely LOVE their two dogs. Working with Jessica through the process from beginning to end was easy, caring and the end work is perfect. We loved how she asked questions about the dogs, our friends and their relationships with each of their dogs. Our friends are very attached to their dogs and they have some strong opinions about their dog's looks. Jessica was able to work with all of these parameters via phone calls and photos and created a beautiful portrait that was loved by all.

We highly recommend Jessica's work and will most definitely use her services again.

D. Sheldon and S. Morelli


Pet Portrait Process

All portraits are drawn using photos for reference and inspiration.  All you need to do is to email me your favorite photo(s) of your animal companion.  Photos should be of high-quality resolution and should be sent as full size jPegs so that I am able to distinguish the unique features of your pet.  No grainy photos please!

I also appreciate knowing a little about your pet's favorite activities as I strive to incorporate as much of their unique personality as possible into the composition.

Portraits can be commissioned by you directly or by you on behalf of family and friends.  These portraits make very touching and meaningful memorial gifts for those who have lost their animal friends.

Portraits cost $350 for a single subject.  Additional subjects can be added for an extra $75/subject.  Payment is expected at the beginning of the portrait process.  Payment plans are available upon request.  That price includes the digital file of the original artwork as well as a custom print on your choice of the following, all of which come ready to hang and are shipped direct to your address:

  • wrapped standout mount (8" x 8" or 10" x 10")

  • unfinished canvas (12" x 12")

  • maple slab (8" x 8" or 10" x 10")

  • metal surface (10" x 10")

  • high-quality canvas pillow with removable cover (18" x 18")

Click here to see samples of all of the printing options!


Additional items can be printed at your request.  These choices range from wall hangings, to greeting cards and other household items.  Additional printing and shipping/handling charges will apply.

International orders can be accommodated with some adjustments in the choices of the printed artwork.  Please contact me directly for more information about international orders.

I retain full copyrights of the artwork and may use the images for future reproduction.  I will always ask your permission in advance.

Untitled_Artwork 2.PNG

Want your own pet portrait?

Please email me with your portrait requests so that we can get the ball rolling!  If you do not hear a reply from me within 48-hours, it means that I did not receive your original request.  So please try again!

Looking forward to the honor of drawing your beloved animal friend!



Image of a middle-aged woman with short brown hair sitting on a staircase with two Cockapoo dogs perched on the stairs besides her.  Her arms are embracing the dogs.  She is wearing a lichen colored sweater and eyeglasses and she smiles broadly at the camera.

Photo by Julie Resnick

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