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Looking for a soft place to land?


The Soft Place to Land Journal Collection!

For those sacred and quiet moments

when you want to DIVE DEEPER

into personal reflection & process . . .

A place to call your own . . .

A good journal offers a SAFE LANDING pad. 

A special, dedicated space to catch & hold

your DREAMS, musings, thoughts,

rumblings, internal explorations &


Journals with pen and cup.jpg
Emergence Journal with Props_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
What you'll find between the covers

With vividly, soulful imagery that is certain

to inspire, our Soft Place to Land Journals

are the perfect backdrop for your


your SKETCHING, drawing & crafting.

  • 5 different inspiring designs to choose from

  • 6.75" wide x 9" high

  • 112 sheets of 104 gsm high quality paper

  • blank inside

  • lay-flat binding for easy access 

  • Artwork wraps from front to back cover

  • Inside cover printed with themed motifs

  • FSC certified post consumer paper

  • printed in Canada

Plus, they just FEEL GOOD in your hands!

An excellent gift for both yourself,

and for family & friends. 

Purchase them as singles or

in a bundled set for extra savings!

Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.png

Free shipping in the US!

Journals Close Up.jpg

About My Messaging. . .

Validation Matters!

All of my imagery & messaging aims to shed a gentle light on the complexity of being human.  I believe that naming the truth of our lived experiences is big medicine.  It can help us

feel seen, validated & less alone.  And that experience can change everything.

Authenticity Matters!

Representation Matters!

It's so important for us to see ourselves represented in the world around us.  I am intentional when creating images to reflect a range of experiences, including identities that we don't often see represented in dominant culture.  My hope is that people will see a little

of themselves in everything I create.   

My messages offer up candid reflections about the good, the bad & especially the crunchy moments in life, always with a note

of hope & possibility reflecting the innate resilience that lives within each of us.  

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