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What's 4" x 3"
& adheres to most surfaces?

Introducing The Chrysalis Imagery Sticky Notes!

These little cuties are a perfect blend of function and beauty, pairing the ease of practical notes with beautiful images & inspiring messages to help keep you &

your loved ones motivated & on task.

  • 6 different designs to choose from

  • 4" wide x 3" high

  • 50 sheets per pad

Perfect as a gift for your sweet self,

or for family and friends. 

Purchase them as singles or

in a bundled set for extra savings

Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.png

About My Messaging. . .

Validation Matters!

All of my imagery & messaging aims to shed a gentle light on the complexity of being human.  I believe that naming the truth of our lived experiences is big medicine.  It can help us

feel seen, validated & less alone.  And that experience can change everything.

Authenticity Matters!

My messages offer up candid reflections about the good, the bad & especially the crunchy moments in life, always with a note

of hope & possibility reflecting the innate resilience that lives within each of us.  

Representation Matters!

It's so important for us to see ourselves represented in the world around us.  I am intentional when creating images to reflect a range of experiences, including identities that we don't often see represented in dominant culture.  My hope is that people will see a little

of themselves in everything I create.   

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