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Whether you've subscribed to the email list, or you've made a recent purchase, you will want to stay connected to get all of the pertinent information you're entitled to, including shipping confirmations, tracking information, subscriber discount codes, and updates on site specials and new releases.  


It's important to know that occasionally our automated emails end up in peoples' SPAM or promotions folders.  So if you haven't heard from us, please check there!  And even better, to make sure that you get all of the content you are entitled to, please do ONE of the following:

How to make sure you'll always get our emails...

  • Move our email to your primary inbox folder so that your email provider recognizes it is as correspondence you approve of

  • Quickly reply with a "hello" message to any of our emails so that your email provider knows our email address comes from a safe sender

We hope this information is helpful and supports you in staying connected and in good communication with us.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do from our end to better support you!






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